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Preference #1 You Go To An Album Signing And Have A Moment. {Keaton.}

Security grabs your wrist and slices the teal wristband from your wrist pushing you along towards the table. Handing drew your cd you slide a note along explaining to him how much he means to you, smiling he hands the cd to wes and security nudges you through. “Wesley, so when’re you gonna take me surfing, dude?” you ask with a cheeky wink. “Tweet me next time I’m around and I’ll be sure to paddle out there with you” he answered with that blinding smile of his. He passes the cd down to keaton nudging you along. You stand infront of keaton and as he looks up his face goes from blank to a heart warming smile, “Hi” he says reaching for your hand. “Hi,” you could feel the butterflies filling you stomach, just wanting to freeze but you didn’t want to ruin this one chance, calming down you place your hand in his as he intertwines his fingers with yours. Ranel starts to push you along, and as you go to pull away keaton tightens his grip around your hand and slightly tugs on you to stay. Looking up at him confused he smiles. “Before you go I need to give you something” keaton leans over the table so you can hear him. He takes his hand away from yours grabbing the sharpie from the table, he scribbles his number in the palm of your hand with “this is our little secret ok :) <3” underneath it. Handing you your cd ranel pushes you away from the table and back in to the crowd of girls. Grabbing your phone you quickly type his number in to your contacts. Later on that night you text keaton, “hey keats, it’s (y/n) from the signing :)” 


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What Keaton thinks of Wes and Drew.


wesleystromberg: I’m not scared to get my hands dirty, as long as I finish strong on my journey..


I felt that it looked better in black and white, so hereyago